The Benefits of CBD for Women

The Benefits of CBD for Women

This post is not intended to serve as or replace medical advice.

As women, our physical and mental health, daily demands, and unique seasons of womanhood are in constant flux—from our early teenage years, to adulthood, pregnancy to postpartum, and gracefully aging our hormones change rapidly and daily!  

And as women, the responsibilities are real—just take a moment to remind yourself just how much you do in a day!

Often times the effect of these constant daily changes and demands can lead to stress, being overwhelmed or sleep disturbances. CBD helps regulate our body’s natural homeostasis or balance.  

The benefits of CBD for women amazing are amazing and truly support whatever your day might bring—whether you need a calming moment, relief from a migraine or a deep night’s sleep. It’s the ultimate holistic tool + nutrient for women (and men too)! 

How CBD benefits women specifically

Women’s bodies and CBD are the perfect pair. Female biochemistry is, by definition, cyclical and our hormone levels change daily, even hourly— and are often out of balance — which is why CBD’s regulating properties are so uniquely beneficial to women.

CBD works directly to balance the Endocannabinoid System (ECS) and binds to receptors throughout the whole body—brain, thyroid, adrenals, reproductive system, immune response, pancreas, liver and more. The ECS has an important role in our body’s biological system for managing overall homeostasis or balance. If the ECS is off, our mood, hormones, immune system, sleep, stress response and inflammation response can be out of balance which can lead to some not so fun symptoms, both short and long term.

Our endocannabinoid system naturally depletes as we age as well as releases cannabinoids through breastmilk or our during our menstrual cycle. This is why replenishing with CBD that contains plant based cannabinoids that mimic our body’s natural receptors and helps restore balance makes CBD such a powerful and needed tool for women.

The benefits of CBD for women can include…

  • A sense of calm + patience
  • Handling the demands of daily life with a bit more ease
  • Deep + restorative sleep
  • Energy + focus
  • Chronic or acute pain relief
  • PMS relief (both physical and mental)
  • Calming anxiety or overwhelm
  • Headache or migraine relief


CBD binds to serotonin receptors in our nerve cells that boost serotonin uptake—this helps calm the stress and fear based receptors that creates anxiety. Compared to other anxiety remedies, the effects of CBD are so subtle and gentle—you won’t experience as many ups and downs, just more overall balance.

Anxiety disorders of all kinds from social anxiety to traumatic stress disorder can bring up additional issues like brain fog, difficulty concentrating and sleep disturbances all of which CBD works directly to balance through your body’s web of cannabinoid receptors. 

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Sleep Disorders

CBD shifts your body into in parasympathetic mode which is essential for deep + restorative sleep. Even if you are getting enough hours of sleep but your body isn’t going into a deep sleep state, your sleep isn’t benefiting you to full potential. I’m sure you have experienced the exhaustion that comes in the morning after a night of tossing and turning wondering why you are so tired after plenty of hours of sleep. Deep sleep is crucial to the human body for healing, lowering inflammation, brain function, detox and hormone balance.

Taking CBD for sleep is what initially captivated me of the benefits of CBD for women—after months of sleeplessness, within one night I was sleeping deeply and waking with energy. It’s truly amazing!

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Stress and inflammation are both root causes of thyroid dysfunction. CBD is highly anti-inflammatory and shifts your body into parasympathetic mode which allows the body to relax, sleep and begin the healing process. The thyroid is the master gland of the endocrine system—think of your thyroid as the orchestra leader directing each instrument. CBD has a calming and balancing effect on the entire hormonal system which potentially can encourage significant improvements in proper thyroid function.

With chronic stress, the cannabinoid receptors’ “on and off switch” is confused leading to hormonal imbalance and symptoms like anxiety, mood imbalances, feeling overwhelmed, pain and sleeplessness all symptoms that typically arise with thyroid dysfunction.

When we take moments, an hour or even a day to intentionally calm our stress both physically and When we take moments, an hour or even a day to intentionally calm our stress both physically and mentally, the body stops overproducing stress enzymes which in turn allows your body to heal and begin to produce its own endocannabinoids so you have balance long term. This is key!

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Being a female in modern times, often means you are pulled in a million different directions all day long. As women we wear many hats—mama, entrepreneur, employee or employer, chef, taxi cab driver, kisser of your littles’ boo-boos, social organizer, friend, wife. I get it, it can be equally overwhelming as it is beautiful. The great thing about CBD is it brings about a moderate and overall sense of calm—you won’t feel tired or not in control of yourself, in fact, you’ll feel like the best version of yourself!

CBD oil can be one particularly helpful tool in navigating stressful seasons or those moments of CBD oil can be one particularly helpful tool in navigating stressful seasons or those moments of overwhelm. Personally, I’ve noticed a big difference in my patience levels and focus when consistently taking CBD. It’s a “calm and balanced” sense of energy!

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CBD may have the ability to help balance out menopause symptoms like mood changes, reduce sleep disturbances and lower the rate of bone density loss that can happen during menopause. Menopause disrupts the female reproductive system which explains the anxiety, depression, hot flashes, mood swings, metabolisms changes and libido challenges during this season.

Because CBD is so restorative and balancing to the endocrine system it can greatly reduce symptoms you may be experiencing during menopause.  

And, as we age, aches in our joints or arthritic tendencies can also rise—common due to the weakening of bone structure with time. While CBD won’t help the root cause, it can help mitigate the pain so that you can be up moving around and living life!

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Headaches or Pain Relief

At its core CBD works to reduce inflammation and binds to receptor cells in our central nervous system. CBD can help modulate pain receptors and even block some pain signals by stimulating neurotransmitter function.

This can be incredibly effective for reducing the need for pain medication for both acute pain like sore muscles, after a fall or a headache and chronic pain like arthritis, joint pain, back injuries or migraines.

Personally I find that CBD along with a steaming hot bath, electrolyte water and magnesium really helps my chronic migraines. The Relief Balm on your neck or base of the migraine pain along with a few ounces of Pain Cream works quickly to provide relief.

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