How to Celebrate Green Wednesday!

How to Celebrate Green Wednesday!

Quickly rising in levels of popularity that rival only the highest of high holidays (420), Green Wednesday is a cannabis-specific celebration that takes place the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. Akin to the annual Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales promotions, Green Wednesday is a day for consumers to enjoy savings and sweet, sweet deals on all kinds of weed products. It's a big day for cannabis retailers, too: In 2022, the holiday brought in an estimated $116.4 million and was the second busiest day of 2022 after 420.

As more retailers catch on to the trend and more states start to legalize, sales and participation in this aptly named holiday are expected to grow each year.

The origins and history of Green Wednesday

This relatively new weed holiday is thought to have started in 2017 when a cannabis delivery company noted the drastic rise in sales the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. While the holiday season typically sees a significant uptick in sales, that specific Wednesday has a special power in bringing people out to their local retailers in droves.

One reason this holiday has gained popularity is that retailers often close on Thanksgiving, with some keeping their doors shut until the following Monday. To avoid running out over the long weekend, customers tend to purchase more than usual to ensure they have enough for their festivities and gatherings. Similarly, medical patients may need to stock up on their medicine to avoid the risk of running out and suffering complications.

Even if cannabis businesses aren't closed through the weekend, the long lines typically associated with Black Friday sales have encouraged cannabis lovers to get their shopping done beforehand. And the spread of legalization across the country has increased among cannabis consumers, creating more demand as the holiday season approaches. Additionally, friends and family members visiting from states where weed isn't legal could mean that hosts need more options and flower on hand, and out-of-state visitors and special occasion shoppers are likely to purchase various products, contributing to a day of heightened sales.

It's no secret that the holidays can be a stressful time for some. Between traveling, family visits, and preparing for the holiday, there's a lot to manage. Since many find relief from stress through cannabis, gathering enough provisions for the holiday weekend has become increasingly common. Cannabis can also help facilitate creativity and conversation, adding an enriching layer to any friend or family gathering. Danksgiving anyone?

What is Danksgiving?

It used to be that Danksgiving was just a term cannabis consumers coined to refer to consuming weed on Thanksgiving. However, over the years, Danksgiving transformed into a special weed-centric celebration.

Typically occurring on the Sunday after Thanksgiving, or at some point during the long holiday weekend, Danksgiving transformed into a day to gather your friends and family and eat a hearty meal full of infused foods. We're talking garlic-herb cannabutter, triple-baked cannabis potatoes, and infused pumpkin pie, not to mention all the different ways you can turn sauces and trimmings into edibles.

Now, Danksgiving is becoming more synonymous with Green Wednesday, and the two are almost becoming interchangeable. Part of the reason for this is the cannabis industry's push to replace Drinksgiving or Blackout Wednesday with a safer alternative—weed.

How to celebrate Green Wednesday

The obvious way to celebrate Green Wednesday is to simply partake in the sales offered by your local retailer and enjoy the savings. But Green Wednesday is also a great way to celebrate the legalization of cannabis and enjoy the many forms the plant can take. As the holiday becomes more popular, participating in the occasion can help soften the stigma associated with the plant and increase awareness of the benefits cannabis can provide.

Due to the influx of new customers and the higher chance of consumption around friends and family, the more discreet and less odorous options like tinctures and edibles tend to be popular choices for the holiday season. With food being such a central part of the holidays and Thanksgiving celebrations, it's not surprising that edibles would be a popular choice for those partaking.

Bottom line

Green Wednesday is an excellent opportunity to stock up on goodies and capitalize on once-a-year deals. Ask your budtender about the sales they're offering and treat yourself for the holiday. Whether you need gummies for granny or pre-rolls for your pals, there is likely a Green Wednesday special for you to enjoy.


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