Welcome to Rebel Gardens, where farming isn't just a job – it's a legacy that spans four generations and over 75 years of dedicated family stewardship. Nestled in the charming city of Lumpkin, in South Georgia, our garden serves as the heart of our operations, where we tend to the land with a deep-rooted passion for cultivating nature's bounty.

With the dawn of the Hemp Bill in 2018, a new chapter began for us. Seizing the opportunity to leverage our agricultural expertise, Rebel Gardens embraced the challenge of hemp cultivation with gusto. As our name suggests, we aren't afraid to defy convention and forge our own path towards providing premium products that empower our customers to embrace holistic living.

In 2020, we proudly stood among the pioneering few, securing one of the first 10 licenses to produce low-THC cannabis in Georgia. This milestone marked the birth of our innovative line of hemp products, carefully crafted to harness the natural healing properties of the plant. At Rebel Gardens, we believe in the power of homegrown wellness – a philosophy that champions the inherent goodness of nature as a pathway to optimal health.

Whether you're seeking relief from ailments or striving to enhance your well-being, our range of product offerings is here to support you on your journey. From soothing balms to potent tinctures, each product is a testament to our unwavering commitment to quality, integrity, and the age-old art of farming.

Join us at Rebel Gardens and experience the transformative potential of nature's remedies – because when it comes to your health, we believe in nothing less than cultivating excellence, one harvest at a time.