CBD & Delta 8 Holiday Gift Guide

CBD & Delta 8 Holiday Gift Guide

It’s almost that time of year; hanging mistletoes, lighting menorahs, and checking off everyone on your gift list. This year, help everyone’s holiday feel as joyful as Buddy the Elf with some CBD and Delta 8 goodies. They’ll keep the seasoned hemp pros happy, and give others something new to try. 

For the Sweet Tooth

We all know someone who has to end each meal with a little something sweet. What if their dessert doubled as an anxiety reducer and relaxation inducer? Delta 8 gummies provide all the deliciousness a foodie could need, with some bonus effects. 

While typical THC gummies can leave some feeling totally spaced out or paranoid, delta 8 is able to provide therapeutic effects without the intense psychoactive experience. Users can expect to feel chilled out, happier, and less stressed. Taking gummies may even provide some pain relief to those experiencing soreness or chronic issues. 

You can cater to any person’s palate when shopping Rebel Gardens' delta 8 gummies. The vegan treats come in watermelon, pineapple, strawberry, and more! Snag a small pack for those new to cannabis, or a big pack for the gummy pro.


For the Relaxation Seeker

Everyone and their mother could use some more chill vibes, especially during the hectic holiday season. CBD and Delta 8 are known for their ability to promote relaxation and reduce anxiety without leaving users totally fried. Some cozy slippers, a delicious tea blend, and some hemp oil to add in sounds like the perfect gift for every Nervous Nancy out there.

Hemp oil is the perfect gift for those new to cannabis because they can choose their perfect dose (microdose). Start with a small drop, then add a couple as tolerance builds and effects start to set in. Not to mention it’s an easy addition to all their favorite drinks, smoothies, and snacks. 

In addition to reaching total zen mode, hemp oil helps some people calm nausea, ease pain, and improve overall mental health. It’s like the gift that keeps on giving! Rebel Gardens' refreshing mint oil will leave them feeling relaxed and balanced.


For the smoker on your list

Vapes and edibles are great, but there’s nothing like warming up from the inside out with some classic flower. Make this holiday party’s smoke circle fun for everyone! Even those who don’t typically partake can enjoy the mild effects.

Smoking on delta 8 THC can help users experience tranquility, happiness, and a body tingling sensation. Pre-rolls are a great way to savor each puff. Plus, providing weed that’s ready to be smoked is key to a stellar gift. 

Just like any other form of delta 8, there are a variety of strains to choose from depending on who you’re gifting to. Keep things flavorful with Rebel Garden's prerolls. If your friends and fam prefer bongs or bowls, some flower would be perfect. 

For the health guru

Whether it’s pilates classes, green smoothies, supplements, or everything in between, everyone’s got a health-obsessed bud in their crew.

In the realm of fitness and exercise, recovery plays a crucial role in maintaining a healthy and sustainable routine. Whether you're a seasoned athlete or a casual gym-goer, the aches and pains that follow an intense workout can be a significant hurdle.

In recent years, CBD-infused roll-ons and pain creams have emerged as popular choices for those seeking natural and effective solutions for exercise recovery. Snag one for the health guru on your list! 

With all the best hemp gifts on our guide, the holidays have never been simpler. Deliver all the chill vibes to those new to cannabis and friends already loving it. Don’t forget to add something for yourself from our garden to your cart before you go! 

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