Cannabis & Women’s History Month

Cannabis & Women’s History Month

Though the world of cannabis might seem like a boys club, women are no strangers to appreciating and using the plant. March is Women’s History Month, so we’re taking the opportunity to shine a light on some of the women who have found purpose, empowerment, and solace in hemp and marijuana.

The New Guard

Though we’re thankful for all of the women of the past who have paved the way for today’s present industry, there are many modern day female entrepreneurs and cannactivists who continue bringing the wonders of cannabis into the mainstream. Women have been underrepresented in the cannabis industry in recent years, but the number of women making their mark is growing. There’s a push from the inside to empower more women as leaders pushing equality in the workplace and cannabis industry.

Cat Packer
Packer is the first Executive Director and General Manager of the Department of Cannabis Regulation, where she advises the City of Los Angeles on cannabis law, policy and regulation and oversees the City’s licensed commercial cannabis market.

Ms. Packer has a history of fighting for equitability in the cannabis space. Prior to working with the City of Los Angeles, she served as California Policy Coordinator for the Drug Policy Alliance, where she worked to ensure the successful and fair implementation of various cannabis policy reforms. Before this, she also served as Campaign Coordinator for Californians for Responsible Marijuana Reform, a social justice-centered campaign in support of the 2016 Adult Use of Marijuana Act.

Modern Women and Cannabis Consumption

CFN Media Group released an article in 2019 explaining that women are the fastest growing consumers of cannabis. According to the Cannabis Consumers Coalition (CCC), women now consume cannabis more than men; with 53% of women having tried it, compared to just 42% of men.As cannabis continues to expand into the wellness industry, it’s safe to say the footprint women are making via this avenue is huge. 

An article from cannabis data analytics company, Headset, explains female consumers are more geared towards wellness, while men typically care more about intensity and go for something like a concentrate. It’s important cannabis companies marketing to women keep their preferences in mind, wellness being a huge one. It’s important that ingredients are healthy and sustainably packaged, and that the overall experience of the product is inclusive to women.

Headset also released some data comparing male and female cannabis consumers:

  • 40% of women prefer flower 
  • 13.8% of women consume edibles
  • 6.9% of women like pre-rolls
  • 2.6% of women apply cannabis topicals
  • 1.6% of female consumers like capsules
  • 0.8% of women consume cannabis beverages

This data showed men and women consume at nearly equal rates in each category. Jessica Lukas, VP of consumer insights at BDS Analytics, said women are more likely to use cannabis for “functional reasons”, and that women tend to look for consistency and control in their cannabis products. “There are some differences in the way females think and behave,” she said. “We do see females a bit more likely to consume because of anxiety and physical ailments.”

Based on this data, an ideal cannabis brand geared towards women might look like the following:

  • Wellness focused, with an emphasis on high-quality and clean ingredients
  • Sustainable packaging, as women are typically more eco-friendly than men (not a hard rule, of course)
  • Championing a cause you truly care about. Women like feeling emotionally connected to the brands they buy from, and want to know they’re doing something meaningful with their money
  • Offer a consistent, controlled product with complete transparency
  • A brand with many different consumption methods available, to tailor to each individual woman

The Future (of Cannabis) is Female

The cannabis industry is excited about including more women in the space whether it be as a product user or as a cannabis entrepreneur. At Toast, we are looking forward to continuing to produce products that women can trust and can use in a variety of ways.

We think it’s equally as important to utilize the benefits of cannabis and hemp for pain relief as it is to celebrate the moments that matter. Whether it be taking our CBD Full Spectrum Hemp Tincture for focus with your morning coffee, indulging in a CBD or Delta 8 gummy after a long day, or inhaling a premium Delta 8 infused pre-roll to celebrate a night out (or in), RG is excited to help elevate and empower women to live their best lives.

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