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Rebel Gardens, LLC

1000 MG Hemp Salve

1000 MG Hemp Salve

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 Relieve Discomfort and Support Wellness with Our Ultra-Strength 1000mg Hemp Salve

This powerful salve harnesses the natural potential of hemp to deliver targeted relief and promote overall well-being. Packed with 1000mg of hemp extract, it's formulated to soothe a variety of discomforts and support a healthy, active lifestyle.

Key Benefits:

  • Targeted Relief: Apply directly to areas of discomfort for temporary relief from aches, stiffness, and soreness.

  • Natural Approach to Wellness: Hemp extract, a natural source of beneficial compounds, works gently to promote relaxation and ease tension.

  • Deeply Moisturizing: Our nourishing formula hydrates and soothes dry, irritated skin, leaving it feeling soft and smooth.

  • Long-Lasting Comfort: Experience targeted relief that persists for hours, allowing you to stay active and engaged in your day.

Perfect for:

  • Athletes and fitness enthusiasts seeking post-workout recovery support

  • Individuals with occasional muscle aches and stiffness

  • Anyone experiencing joint discomfort

Size: 2oz metal tin


  • Made with high-quality, all-natural ingredients including a proprietary blend of essential oils, menthol, and hemp extract.

  • It is free of harsh chemicals, artificial colors, and fragrance

How to Use:

Apply a dime-sized amount to the affected area and massage gently into the skin. Repeat as needed, up to several times a day.


While hemp salve is generally well-tolerated, it's always recommended to consult with your doctor before use, especially if you have any pre-existing conditions or are taking medications.

Experience the power of natural relief with our 1000mg Hemp Salve. Order yours today!

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