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Rebel Gardens, LLC

Roll On Pain Relief

Roll On Pain Relief

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Our CBD roll-ons are 500mg of pure CBD mixed with beneficial and organic plant extracts that will help ease muscle tension and muscle soreness. After a workout or hard work, relax and get some pain relief with one of the RG CBD roll-on topicals, the Pain Relief CBD Roll-On Stick.

Why Purchase a CBD Pain Roll-On Stick through Rebel Gardens?

Customers will feel the difference and can remain confident in purchasing pain products through Rebel Gardens. All of our CBD pain-relieving roll-ons have an exceptional blend of oils and nutraceutical ingredients that alone will help in providing great relief. Our CBD pain relief product is also guaranteed THC free and with pure CBD added, this enhances the formula even further to truly achieve a fast-acting recovery. We believe that we have the best CBD roll-on stick product on the market today, and we are very passionate about our ability to aid in pain management, muscle relief, and active recovery.

We also guarantee that we do third-party testing on all of our products to ensure the quality of our CBD topical products.

This product has not been evaluated by the FDA. Non-psychoactive contains 0% THC. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, or prevent any disease.

Third-Party Lab Tested

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